Monday, February 2, 2009

Frailty and Perspective.

Henry Fuseli's The Nightmare 1781

This weekend has been rough. Saturday was just the type of day where whatever could go wrong, basically did. Sunday, well, the day was fine, pleasant actually . Church was good, I worked on my painting, and my mother and I went for a walk...for the first time in two years. Her back condition has kept us from that simple pleasure, but it has let up some recently, allowing her to do a bit more. Thank God.

Last night however, was one of those nights that you should be able to push a button and get a "redo." I ended up coming down with a tremendous migraine. After taking 800mg of ibuprofen and running my head under bitterly cold water, it finally subsided enough for me to stand up without feeling like the world was going in every direction but the one I was. After that, my subconscious apparently thought I should have a few nightmares...which gave me the joy of waking up at 3 AM crying uncontrollably and hating the phrase "you'll miss me for the rest of your life." Seriously, I want a do-over.

Of course, Monday reared it's ugly head and I get a call from my father telling me he and mom have taken my Nana to the hospital because she's fallen and fractured her back, cut her face and hand open, and is all bruised up and shaken. Now, my Nana is a hypochondriac who is afraid of everything from A to Z, but the thought of her legitimately hurt breaks my heart! I'm honestly just thankful she wasn't hurt any more than she was. She could have broken her pelvis or something even worse could have happened. I'm just glad that she will be OK. Headaches pass, nightmares fade, and little annoyances will always have their presence in life, but hopefully, today will be brighter and I can just give my Nana a hug and a kiss and tell her I love her.

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