Thursday, February 12, 2009

Love Is In The Air

A post in verse, most unfortunate!


Ah, sweet awakenings of love
Stung by Cupid up above
He aims his arrows ever true
In hopes of finding lovers two

With hearts aflame by passion found
A poem blooms, a sonnet sounds
What better way to show affection
Than by inspired writ reflection?

A Valentine of vintage year
Has encouraged my postings here
Their illustrations charm the eye
Their words are cunning, quick, and wry

So now, I offer you a few
Before I bid you all adieu
Enjoy with me if you will
These works from someone's clever quill...

What? You thought the verse would end?
You are mistaken my dear friend!
What better way to talk of those
Than by a few short lines of prose

If only love by fortune's wheel
Would send someone my heart to steal
Of course that might seem rather trite...
And I've no need of Vanna White

However, this is rather droll
Though it seems that love has quite a toll
I think my love would find its slake
If I thought I might end up as steak

What better way to hedge love's bet
Than by a rather unveiled threat?
I think I'd be a bit offended
to find my love so open ended

You'll be replaced right quick it seems
As your love's already planning schemes
There's "others still in sight" you know
With that for friend, who needs foe?

Now this dear sketch would draw less scorn
It's such a darling ear of corn
With words so sweet and kernels too
I would quite quickly say I do!

I'd love a Valentine of old
To read the simple verses bold
And laugh at drawings, chaste and sweet
...Even ones that joke of meat.


carrie. said...

You always write such brilliant poems, Liz.
Have you considered a career in the greeting card biz?
Always so clever, showing wit and smarts.
Definitely better than typical valentines hearts.

um. my poem is lame. haha. Happy Valentine's Day! <3

Elizabeth Douglas said...

haha! Carrie, I love your poem! The greeting card biz eh? Hey, for a little extra scratch, I'd give Hallmark a call! lol!

Happy Valentine's to you too! <3

Sally Ann said...

Liz, you always make me giggle. :D You're too funny.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day!!