Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Seattle Bound Once Again!

Some "fancy crab" at Pike Place Market

Yep. Heading off for the Emerald City tomorrow early...very I should be packed and ready to go right? Right! Am I? Nope! I have been such a slacker in prepping. My suitcase sits half packed, my boarding passes just now (and I mean JUST now) have been printed, and I'm still pretty sure I'm taking way too many of all the wrong things. However, I could be taking nothing more than a burlap sack and I'd still be "ready." I am in need of a get away. This is actually a birthday present to myself. I'll be 28 on the 29th and a weekend in Seattle is just what I want! It doesn't even need to be wrapped! This was to be no grand trip when I was planning it. It happened on a whim, a friend's agreement, and a great sale from Southwest. Little did I know what would shortly be in store!

Now, It's no secret that I kind of like that crabfishin' show and some of the dudes, and I was hoping to maybe get to see one or two people, but didn't count on anyone being around given they often scatter when the boat docks. Still, Seattle and everything it and surrounding areas have to offer is enough for me...but then...enter "CATCHCON..." Discovery is hosting a huge event this weekend filled with boats, crews, and fans from across the globe. It promises to be a lot of fun and I'm excited to meet a lot of the people I've gotten to know online and to see a lot of the friends I've made in person again too. Oh the shenanigans to come... (will later be posted here! lol!)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Have you been to The Deadliest Forum?

If not, tonight's the night to join! Just in time for the new season, a new place to get all the info on your favorite show, Captains and crews! After the premiere of Season Five, come chat with Deckhands Lynn Guitard from the F/V Wizard and Travis Arket from the F/V North American! Also, come and post about tonight's episode and see if you're the lucky winner of a Wizard Hoodie and North American T-Shirt signed by their respective crews. Hope to see you there!


Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Jumble of Days...

thank you friend...

I haven't posted in a while. I've just haven't had much to say...however, a few things have happened.
My sis and her fam were in town this week. We didn't do much more than eat and talk, but really I was just so glad to see everyone. My other sister pretty much bans cameras, so no pics, but it was fun! I think we laugh more than might be legal when we're all together.

Today, my old boss, the man who hired me and guided me through my first "real" job out of college left today. I'm going to miss him so much. It wasn't unexpected, but it wasn't really expected either. I just gave him a huge hug and he told me "you're gonna be fine baby" and then he was gone. He's a good guy, was a great boss, and I wish him nothing but the best. I'll always be grateful that he gave me a chance and treated me with respect. I will always think highly of him. God bless you John.

I've got to go buy some eggs tomorrow, yes...I know, I'm 27, but I'll color eggs for easter till you have to pry the dye tabs and wax crayon from my cold dead hand. I need an easter dress too...none of mine really fit...they're too big thankfully! Also, more hiking on Saturday, I can't wait! It'll be a busy weekend, I'm glad I can sleep late tomorrow.
Well...more fun on the horizon...miles to go, miles to go...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Drill Baby Drill!

I just hope my teeth aren't THAT bad!

*sigh, no, I'm not talking about Alaskan oil...that's right, the dentist. Everything was going along swimmingly, Seattle looms on the horizon, birthday delights, fun adventures beyond that...and then...crippling tooth pain. One of those things is not like the of those things just doesn't belong. So I opened my mouth and there, in the back, hiding in one of my molars, there appears to be a tiny cavity. A cavity that has suddenly and rather obnoxiously reared its ugly and absurdly painful head. I had to cancel my dental appointment today due to a heaping pile of work that threatens to swallow me like a whale does an arrant prophet. Hopefully, I can make another appointment for tomorrow, until then, I'm just dosing up on advil. Am I excited about the dentist? Hardly. I enjoy a good cleaning, but I hate the drill. However, at this point, I just want it to quit that weird, tingly, heavy ache. What irritates me the most is the fact that I take very good care of my teeth, but to what avail!?!? I can only imagine if I didn't.

And speaking of work...this is my daily commute.