Saturday, June 13, 2009

Seattle, CatchCon, and All Kinds of Shenanigans...How Appropriate! Part 6, THE END!

Trav, Carrie, Trav (who I will just call Arket to kill the confusion that would ensue,) and I on the ferry to Alki Beach.

The final day in Seattle was pretty much as awesome as it could be. It was just good times with good friends.

Since all of the official shenanigans were over, we spent the last day just hanging out and having good times. We hit the Crab Pot for a lunch of fish and chips and of course, hilarity ensued.

Mystic in a Travis Sandwich...not a regular menu item at the Crab Pot.

Mystic had to leave right after lunch, so we tried to pack as much fun into that meal as possible. We ate, we drank, we goofed around with the waiter.

What is up with your hair Arket? you can see from this picture...Carrie is extremely pale. I am also quite pale. We spent a great deal of time adjusting the umbrella at the table to keep any ray of sun from settling on us...much to the amusement of our pigmented friends. I was also freezing that 75 degree day...Arket took my hand to warm me up, gasped when he felt how cold I was and with fear in his eyes said "...are...are you a vampire?" (It add up y'all!) This was the birth of the VwV "Vampire Lunch Club." I would totally explain that here, but then the true depths of my (and my friend's) nerdom would be known...and maybe even the internets isn't ready for that.

Trav...sampling the brew.

Arket endorsing his choice of soda. You can see where it sits as the centerpiece of that "Equal flower" on the table...we amused ourselves pretty easily that day. There was also some great debate over whether the fish we were eating was cod or was white, it was fried, it was good. I was happy.

After lunch, we had to bid Mystic goodbye...which was sad, but we had such a good time and more on the horizon.

After lunch, Trav, Carrie, Arket and I hopped the ferry to Alki beach...Carrie was pretty excited...

Arket, acting all nonchalant and breezy, but he was totally excited too.

It was a gorgeous Seattle day. I've never actually been to Seattle when it's been truly rainy. About a 15 minute sprinkle is all I've ever seen. Arket tells me the city does this to trick the tourists...and make some of them move there...then it mocks them with a continual downpour. lol!

I can't figure out if that's terror or the sun in his eyes, but I'm apparently pretty happy about whatever's going on...

Trav and Carrie were enjoying the weather too. It was such a great day. It was just fantastic being on the water and heading out for fun times.

Goodbye city!

We ended up going kayaking. It was a perfect day for it. We surfed the wake of various ships passing by and paddled all over. At one point, we decided that it'd be a great idea to kayak through the Ballard Locks, but, about halfway there, Trav realized that the last ferry back to town left in about 1/2 an hour and we'd have to really push it just to make it back to catch it. So, we turned back, paddled hard and got back to the ferry just as it was ready to leave. It was a close call, but a great time. I wish we had some pics from the kayaking, but my last attempt at kayak photography ended with a burial at sea for my little Kodak. So I didn't risk it this time.

Trav hardly ever takes a pic where he isn't being naturally, I thought 'make an idiotic face.' Of course, he's being all nice and sweet and I look like an idiot with a facial twitch.

After a great day on the lake, we headed up to the Suquamish casino to meet up with Arket's Captain, Sten, and a friend of his who was having a birthday...a rockaroke birthday. Now, I've done karaoke before, but nothing that involved a live band! Sten's friend decided to sing "American Woman" for his birthday festivities and Sten told Travis "make this epic" or something to that dancing was about about to be involved. Trav, Carrie, Arket, and myself all headed to the dance floor and as soon as the main beat started, Arket runs, leaps into the air and lands on his knees skidding across the floor. He then bolts to his feet, turns, and points at me. It pretty much set the tone for the evening. At that point I joined him and we pretty much owned it. lol! Trav and Carrie were dancing too...I think..but I was totally involved in shenanigans Arket and I were creating.

...I really am obscenely pale.

After that, Travis and I took to the floor for a little boot scootin' to Achy Breaky Heart. I proved to him that while I greatly enjoy it, I am a horrible dancer when it comes to 'steps.' I seriously need to just 'freestyle' you know, so no one can be like 'you messed that messed that up a lot!' Still, it was great fun. (I think I spin in the wrong direction every time. haha! )

pure magic.

We all put our names on the list to sing, but time was running out, so to close the place down as properly as it could be, they called Arket to the stage. Now, I could sit around and attempt to describe this epic portrayal of one man's tribute to boo-tays of unusual size, but thankfully, I got it on video so you can see it fo' yo'self! You've made Sir-Mix-A-Lot proud my friend.

I don't really remember why we decided to do a pic of Arket pretend kind of strangling me, but it was his idea and I rolled with it. ...retards.

Anyway, after his truly majestic performance, we headed back to the hotel where we sat around the lobby and chatted for a while before ending the good times. It was a great night, a great trip, and I can't wait till I'm out Seattle ways again. I miss all of my West Coasties. (and everyone else that was a West Coastie, if only for the weekend!)