Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day...The Underground.


Proceed to pictures:

This picture made possible by a sledgehammer and 9 Lives.

This picture made possible by flexibility.

This picture made possible by that stupid alley cat and a really good neighbor.

Yep, that's me in the orange/yellow windbreaker face first in a gutter. "Why?" you ask...well. trust me, it wasn't for grins and giggles. I can however say that I was actually down in the dumps on Valentine's Day! Here's the real story, my cat, "Oreo" a 17year old, mostly inside, scared of her own shadow, baby got trapped in the pipe by some orange, heathen, wannabe Garfield, devil cat the morning before. After hours of searching and calling, I finally heard her from the storm drain...where the devil cat was still screeching and hissing and generally terrorizing her. I finally managed to scare the devil cat off through various methods...which included barking like a dog, stomping on the grate, and finally chasing the thing through several yards in the neighborhood...(wow, 27 and already the crazy cat lady! Everyone needs goals.) Needless to say, Oreo, was terrified and did nothing but meow in that "I'm scared out of my kitty-cat mind" kind of way for a while. To make a looooong story short, after involving a sledgehammer, most of the neighborhood, several smaller hammers, 2 cans of cat food, a bruised and tired me, Oreo was finally, FINALLY retrieved after 2 days in the pipe. ( I know, I know, "why couldn't she just run out the end of the pipe?" Trust me, it wasn't happening.) Needless to say, she won't be going out much anymore, and me, I deserve every single one of the cupcakes I'm about to show you...

I baked these and enjoyed an obscene amount of them with icy cold milk. The fact that my body is not used to mass quantities of white flour and sugar did make me feel queasy and horrible the next, I'm sure Mr. Russell Stover helped too, but I gots two words for ya..."WORTH IT."

Now, I didn't spend the entire holiday in a drain pipe or shoving copious quantities of baked goods down my gullet, I went out with some friends and saw "He's Just Not That Into You" and gained some hilarious insight into the mind games we all play when playing the field...good times. I hope everyone had a Happy V-day...or like me, at least, eventful! '



cookie dough said...

Poor Oreo! That was quite a story!
You did deserve chocolate after that and Oreo needs a few days of napping :)

Sally Ann said...

Okay, the cupcakes are adorable! And, "He's Just Not That Into You" was a funny movie! I saw it Friday night. :D

Sally Ann said...

Oh! And I'm glad you got Oreo back! Poor kitty, stuck in the drain for two days. :(

Elizabeth Douglas said...

Thanks guys! Yeah, I'm glad I finally got her back, it was pretty harrowing for this quiet street. Oreo is currently napping in her basket, and I'm still thinking about those well deserved cupcakes. hehe! ;)