Wednesday, August 26, 2009

So I've Got This Friend...

...and he does this job called "crab fishing." Perhaps you've heard of it? He wrote a book. It's full of great pictures and stories detailing his various shenanigans aboard the F/V North seen on Deadliest Catch. Woo! I would highly recommend buying yo'self a copy. Check it out! Deadliest Waters by Travis Arket.

Friday, August 21, 2009


My beautiful cousin Jen!!!

It seems as if love is in the air as of late. People in my world are getting engaged and married left and right. I'll be attending a coworker's wedding tomorrow. Another one was married just a few weeks ago. My cousin Jennifer got hitched and so did my friends Megan and Wes. More on the horizon...good lands. Now, I find people fall into two camps when it comes to weddings...the "I dos" and the "I don'ts!" Weddings can be stuffy, boring, long, and an unfriendly reminder that you're incredibly single...if you are in fact...incredibly single.

However, they can also be amazingly fun. The first ingredient for a fun wedding is fun people. Thankfully, I find them in abundance in my life. From big church weddings to gettin' hitched at the movies a fun wedding is a always good time!

It's close to midnight and something evil's lurking in the dark...

For Jen's wedding, we all learned "Thriller" for the reception! Nothing like seeing your 50 something aunt and uncle out there owning it Zombie style at your cousin's wedding. My gosh I love my family. There was plenty of dancing that night...thanks to the hilariously great band!

Jen's hubs and his sister...they fit into the family quite well!

Top hats are always welcome in my world. Jennifer gave that one to Chris for his wedding present. He gave her a giant pack of was just what she wanted. They're made for each other!

Val and Katie primping it up before the wedding. (Thanks for the pics Jen!)

Megan and Wes descending the stairs at the Alabama Theater!

The Mighty Wurlitzer! The organ rises from a pit in the floor...this is how Wes, the groom entered...however, that's not him...that's the actual organist. This is one of many reasons why the Alabama Theater is extremely cool.

Also, weddings are a great excuse for a cheesecake bar...and who doesn't love a cheesecake bar? One thing I'm liking is that weddings are becoming more and more personal...if you want to wear a polka-dot dress and red shoes instead of a big white dress, you can. If you want to get married in a theater instead of a traditional venue, you can. Maybe your maid of honor is a dude. Maybe your best man is the girl you've been friends with since you were 5...whatever! If you want red velvet cake, an ice cream bar, a cheesecake bar, or strawberry shortcake at your reception...go for it. (Yes, all of those were present at Jen/Meg's weddings! Score!) Weddings should reflect the people in them...if traditional is what you want, awesome! If you're a little more offbeat, more power to you!

Everything leading up to the weddings was fun too...both Jen and Meg opted for Bachelorette parties in Panama City...and well, I'm not one to turn down fun times at the beach! Everything from Snoop Dogg in concert to "A Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt" was involved and it was ridiculous from the word go!

Heading to La Vela to see Snoop...yep. That's how we roll. (Also, I'm apparently a giant.) That night was insane in so many ways...oh lands...none of which will be repeated here!

We are team 2, the bride was on team epic battle ensued. Shenanigans were had. Scavenger hunts were completed! Team 2 was victorious...although team one put up a pretty valiant effort, especially the bride, watch out, she's a kicker!

Anyway, it's been a good wedding season and it's not over yet! However...I've noticed something about myself. I'll illustrate my point below. I can ghetto up any occasion...and I often enlist others to help me keep it klassy.

Sadly, you can't see me flashing deuces here, but I've corrupted Sloan enough that the pic is still satisfying.

Here, you can see them. Word.

I've never been the girl that's planned her wedding since she was 6 years old...I don't really know much at all about what I want. I figure I'll start caring when it's more than just me involved. A couple of things I think I might know...I would like red velvet cake to be present in some way. Two, I think I want to get married on Nov. 1st, for the singular fact that Halloween night would be a great excuse to host a "haunted wedding masquerade" for the rehearsal dinner! Costumes, Halloween themed dance mix, and cheesy horror movies would probably all need to be involved. I guess we'll see how that goes! (Anyone I'd consider marrying would have to be up for that.)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Sarasota Dos!

The fourth of July was great. We'd been out that day, hung around for a party and watched the fireworks from the pool deck at the Hyatt. We also almost witnessed a brawl between two drunk guys. I never really heard what the issue was, but it was taking place roughly 5 feet in front of Carrie, Mystic, and I so we backed up and watched out...thankfully some guy diffused the situation and the belligerent drunk guys went their separate ways. Ah America...where it's not a celebration unless someone's punched in the face!

Sunday, beach day! Wooohooo! Siesta Key was lovely and not as crowded as Lido last year. We lounged, some read, some played in the water. Colleen and I caught school after school of tiny fish. It was roughly 700 degrees that day though, so it was tough on those of us who party at the pale club.
Carrie wore her "burkasuit" since the sun was unforgiving. I myself, also being of the vampire nature, covered myself in plenty of sunblock so I could stay outside amongst the daywalkers.
Carrie, Karen, Sheila, and Chip hanging out and having fun. It really was a great day to just sit on the sand and play in the water.

It was Kim's first time to see the ocean and she loved it! We only stayed out a couple of hours due to the sun and the heat...even the folks that tan were getting a bit red.

The races were also Sunday and after they were over, the awards were handed out by Capt. Keith. Trav also got up and spoke for a moment. Geico took home the big prize again! Scottie from Geico is up there accepting the trophey from Keith. Scottie will always be awesome.
This was when my camera battery died and so I don't have any pics of all the shenanigans that took place that night, but trust me, they were many. Everyone gathered at the Hyatt for a big boisterous after party, Wizard, Wizette, Hillstrands, and Raceteams. It was a big celebration and crazy times. The Hyatt will never be the same...especially the 502...but if you don't know about that already, you don't need to! ;)
Sarasota is a great town filled with great people who put on a fantastic event every year for a worthy cause. I always enjoy the time I get to spend there.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

I still write stuff here!

So, I've been out of town for a couple of weeks and haven't had the time or ability to blog. However, before I move on to the epicness that was my latest trip to Alaska; I'd like to finish the Sarasota stuff. I hate leaving anything unfinished...even though it's not a rare thing. Also, while I've never been one to write a diary or journal (I have before, but there are sometimes years between entries) I've come to greatly enjoy having a place to...well...keep up with myself. I feel that I've been very fortunate in my life to experience some of the things that I have and I want to keep writing just so I can look back and smile at the various events in my life that I've been blessed enough to enjoy or blessed enough to survive. It's amazing what a little piece of internet real-estate can help you appreciate.

More tomorrow...