Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pardon Our Progress...

I was writing about Canada, when all of a sudden I realized I was tired of my blog... the way it looked, I mean. So, I'm changing it. I hate everything I've done so far, so this might take a while.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Debby Downer posts about Deadliest Catch.

Yeah... I'm a slacker. Ok, now that we've covered the basics, let's move along to something else. The only reason I'm blogging today is so I'll feel less horrible about myself. You know what's nice? Being the only person in a group not invited to something... and everyone else having no problem talking about it in front of you. Happy Thursday, Liz, you suck. 


So, here's more outdated Deadliest Catch stuff. Well, first there's some baseball with friends. The Mariners apparently play this sport, but I think that might be debated by the fans of the game. Lynn, Travis, Kristina, and I all made it into the season opener, sans tickets, thanks to some expert schmoozin' by Trav. The Mariners were my first pro baseball game, so going back was fun. I do have fond memories of that day and the team, even if they didn't exactly win.

 Here's somebody hitting a ball that somebody else probably caught.

Lynn and I are totally pumped to be at the game, especially since we were late, and tickets were going, going, gone!

...And here's a visual treat for all of us. I now know what Santa does in the off season. He goes to Baseball games, wears a giant hot dog on his head, and probably forces parents into difficult conversations with their children.

I wish this picture was better, but it's not. Look past the kid on his phone and the grampa in the jacket and see beyond to the dude in the jersey that seems to be sprouting odd, bear-shaped growths. Yeah, that guy... look at him. He's wearing a Mariner's uniform covered in teddy bears. WHAT IS GOING ON THERE? ...Should we hide the children?

If you can't tell by the Sad Sam faces in this picture, the Mariners pretty much stunk it up. I felt bad for Lynn...  he was so excited to go to the game!

Still, it was fun to watch. Live sports are always interesting, and the atmosphere was charged, though it was more a "trade 'em all!" kind of charged... 

Our final shot at the game... I forgot to tell Kristina and Trav we were doing "happy fun times faces" for this one. 

Alright, here's some CatchCon stuff...

The Deckhand relay... always fun to watch. Here you see Mike "THE BEAST" Fourtner getting into a survival suit in record time. It looks like he's about two feet off the ground, but if you look closely, you can totally see his left leg is still on the ground. Optical illusions FTW! Also, his GIANT BOAT shoes may be used as flotation devices in case of emergency.

Around the time everyone else finished the first station of the relay, Mike was done with the whole thing and safety ensconced in his apparently condemned survival suit.

Now, everyone else gets in on the fun. Gumby is pleased.

Jake Anderson gets some nice air as he tries to wriggle into his suit.

Sometimes, you've got to help a brother out.

Poor Lynn, he got caught up in the "toss the hook" portion of the event, and it took him a little longer to get to the suits. Also, notice his hat. That Mariner's game was pretty bad...

That's some determination on that face right there!

Lynn was in his suit in record time!

And well, Lynn, you look kind of murderific in this shot. Just sayin'. 

A little later, or earlier, I don't remember timelines at all... Lenny was out there on the ground coiling line like a pro. You know, Lenny doesn't get his due on the show, but Lenny's awesome. He's a super nice guy, and funny, and totally rocks the deck and engine room. So, let him know! Give him a shout out on Crabwizard!

 The Captain's Panel. This is one of the most enjoyed aspects of CatchCon. Jeff Conroy, moderates the forum and the Captains answer questions posed by fans about what was seen during the season, or whatever is on their minds relating to the show, crabbing, life in general.

 Here, Captain Scott Campbell Jr. a newbie to the show, but not the fishing biz is answering a question about something or other. Capt. Keith looks on, and as you can see he was still wearing a brace from some recent surgery. Of course, it's no secret I'm a Wiz gal, but I really like that Capt. Scott and his Seabrooke. I think they're a good addition to the show.

Jake Harris was around being a goofball and enjoying the festivities... and his brother was somewhere else shooting off his mouth. I won't go into it, but suffice to say, he needed to check himself. And that's all I have to say about that. I hope they're both doing well, and getting through the sad times/ problems that have plagued them so heavily during the last few years.

 This was a huge highlight from my trip. I finally got to meet this lady! This is my friend Mel and we've talked online for years on various forums and facebook. It was our love of the deliciously handsome er, highly talented Corey Arnold and of course, Deadliest Catch, that brought us together. I was so thrilled to finally get to meet her. I can't wait to see her again!

I didn't get to see that much of this guy, which kind of sucks. As most DC fans know, Trav jumped aboard the F/V Time Bandit this season, and has been doing some excellent racing with Time Bandit Offshore, so if you know of a super boat race in your area featuring the one and only Travis Lofland, make your way out there and support him and the crew. Oh, and Travis, head back to B'ham sometime soon, K?

 Paul Sr. from American Choppers was there and unveiled the Deadliest Catch Bike. I don't have any pics of Paul, but here's a couple of the paint job on the tank and fender of the bike. There was some cool chrome work as well, though I didn't care for the wheels. However, my pics don't do the paint justice. Check out the pics from CC and of the bike on Crabwizard for more, including Sr. introducing the bike.

I love that color scheme, and of course, seeing the Wizard, even in illustrated form, is always a treat.

Anyway, I think that's all I'm going to cover. Everything else was just good times with friends, and I don't really have any more pictures. Sorry I'm such a Debby Downer today, but you know, being snubbed is just so fun.

Next post: Tornadoes abound, I turn 30, some English people get married, and I find myself in Canada.  Such is my glamorous life.