Monday, February 23, 2009

Daily Happenings

This greeted me on the way home the other day.

It's been a while since I've blogged...I'm not usually so lethargic when it comes to writing. Perhaps I've just been diving in different waters. I've been doing more painting and drawing, more reading and working...and I suppose that's been one reason for less writing.

There haven't been any grand happenings, but there have been some good things. My dad turned 67 on the 21st. He's the oldest man in our family...ever. I'd like for him to break the record by a great streak of years! We didn't have cake or a party, he didn't really want one. He wouldn't eat any right now anyway, he's started nutri-system and has already lost nearly 60lbs...hopefully, that will help him avoid a pacemaker, but if not, at least his body will be healthier anyway! I'm very proud of him!


While we passed on the sweets, we did watch Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Crystal was surely different than the other Indy flicks, but it was entertaining enough. I'm a sucker for Indiana Jones, even if it was critically panned. I forgive it on principle. Oh Harrison Ford, why aren't you 27, single, and interested in slightly offbeat, artsy girls!

Soul of the Seafarer's Wife

A Murder of Crows

On the work front, this year hasn't been the best I've ever had. Since January, my 401K has been cut, our increases eliminated, and as of Friday, our pay cut 5%...I'm now making 2% less than when I started here 2 years ago. If I'd known what was coming, I'd have negotiated a little harder in the beginning! So, if anyone is in the market for a nice oil or acrylic painting, a logo or any design work, let me know, I'm going to need the freelance!

Well, from fiscal to physical...last night, I went with some friends to play some basketball. I love basketball, I played for a while in high school and played city league for something like 9 years. We played a little pick up, but my friend Johnathan and I mostly just shot around playing horse, 21, and around the world. Much to the bruising of his ego, I beat him. hehehe. This morning however my body decided to remind me that I'm closer to 30 now than I appreciate...yeah, my shooting arm is is everything connected to it. Also, I need a nap.

In real life, I am not bubble gum pink! I was too fascinated to adjust the color. Everything else is pretty true to life!

One more bit! I finally, finally got my hair cut! It's no big change, but it's no longer a stringy mass of tangles and shame!


cookie dough said...

You're so cute Liz!

I LOVE LOVE the pic of the whales :)I'm from South East AK and it reminds me of that part of the state.

Alaska Steve said...

"Untitled" is fantastic!