Friday, January 30, 2009

A Swing and A Miss...

Did you know "it's dumb it be deaf?!"

My office gives awesome freebies from time to time...fleece jackets, umbrellas, grills, roadside assistance kits, various things that are really nice little perks. Occasionally though, they'll offer something up that's a bit more..."inventive." Today, we got playing cards and a calendar...all good on its own, but when you add some slogans that I'm pretty sure might have been written by B.A Baracus, it's too good to be true! Oh, and that first card there, I hope none of the deaf employees take offense to that...oh well, they won't realize it...they're dumb anyway. < /sarcasm >

I pity the fool who don't use the right tool!

With this one I see we've gone with the "ancient Chinese proverb" style. Indeed, I bet it's just like a fork in a socket...just like it...and not at all like a large industrial machine sending several hundred volts of searing electricity through your mostly made of water body.

True. The autumnal equinox isn't until September 22...wait, unless you mean "fall" as in trip. Is that what you mean? You can't fool me with your unnecessary capitalization!

Who doesn't love a little Friday humor?


Alaska Steve said...

Just noticed your Shelfari - Bear Grylls is the real deal - is the book any good? Love the cards! Cheers, steve

Elizabeth Douglas said...

Hi Steve! The book is very good! I really enjoyed it. My best friend and I both read it and thought it was a well written account full of humor, emotion, and insight. I'd give it a read for sure.

The cards are hilarious, but the calendar was pure comedy gold!