Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sleeping Beauty needs you...

I've been working on this drawing for a while, but I'm kind of stuck with it honestly. It's of sleeping beauty...kind of a collage drawing. I was thinking of having the dragon in the background but I'm not sure if that's what I want or how to go about it. I really want to finish it, but I'm lost! Fairies, dragons, princes, bah! What to do? I styled it loosely on Russian/Ukrainian art...based on traditional Pysanki. Advice and critique is welcome. It will aslo, eventually be colored!

Speaking of advice, any advice for a headache that's been lurking about for five freakin' days? I've tried everything I know, from meds, to cold water treatment, to reflexology. It's really getting old! It's better today, but still not gone.


Sally Ann said...

I don't really have any ideas for the picture. I think it's quite lovely, and certainly better than anything that I could do.

As for the headache, I have more experience with those than I do with art. Have you tried drinking coffee or tea? I know that if I go a day or two without caffiene, I get a headache. If that's not, is there something else you usually eat or drink that you haven't in awhile? Sometimes that's it.

I hope it helps! And good luck with the drawing. You're very talented.

Mystic said...
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Mystic said...

First, I love the exaggerated, puffed sleeves; they mimic the wheel beautifully. The Ukrainian flavor really comes through with the deign on the hem of her dress! What color pallet will you use? Hummm to dragon or not to dragon. Perhaps a window in the upper right with a dragon flying in the distance? Perhaps he is looking in the window with tendrils of smoke rising from his nostrils? Maybe the dragon would be too distracting.
I for some reason want SB to have a little cushioned seat.

As for the headache...I completely empathize. I had a lingering headache for about three days last week. Do you have an RX for migraine meds? Maybe you need to have your meds adjusted. You may need to give your Dr. a ring -a- a ding. Hope you feel better soon.

ETA...sorry..spelling problem :)

Elizabeth Douglas said...

Thanks guys! Mystic, I like the idea about the window...I'll play around with that...she was cloistered while she was sleeping after all! As far as colors, I'm not sure yet, I love the vibrant colors of the Ukrainian Pysanki, but I don't want to overwhelm the linework, maybe mostly muted with one or two bold colors.

As far as the headaches, sorry you guys suffer from them too! Sally, I don't really do much caffeine so I wouldn't think that's it, but maybe it has something to do with sugar. I've cut back a lot and then I had a bit much over the weekend! :P Most of the prescription meds don't work for me so I end up just using Excedrin, but it wasn't such a big help this time. It'll be to the Dr. for me if not better soon Mystic!

(No worries about the spelling, I constantly have to check and recheck!)

Sally Ann said...

I was pondering it a bit and I came to the same conclusion as Mystic. I think a dragon in the background might be too distracting.

And the sugar might have been the culprit. When I was seeing a neurologist for my headaches he said that certain foods can trigger them.

Hope your headache goes away soon!