Sunday, March 1, 2009


SNOW!!!!! Finally, finally SNOW!!!!!! *jumps up and down like a little girl!!!*

To say I am giddy would be an understatement. This is the most snow we've had since 1993. Granted, it was only about 3 inches and most of it's already melted away, but...SNOW!!!!! I got so much enjoyment just watching it swirl and whip about in the wind. I'd forgotten the sound of snow, that wonderful, quiet roar. To think only a couple of days ago, it was balmy and in the 60s and by the end of the week we're expecting the 70s. I was skeptical that we'd actually get our little dose of snow this winter, but we did!

I loved watching it swirl about in the wind!

Oreo put one paw out in it, gave me a dirty look and ran back in towards the fireplace.

The back deck totally covered!

The neighbor's tree

A gorgeous cardinal in the backyard.

A panorama of the back.
The birdfeeder (all of my birds will apparently starve to death. *note* buy birdseed.)

I'd kill a man for a cigar and an RV right about now.
March is in like a lion, but it looks more like a lamb! :)

UPDATE*Here is "Pookie" the saddest/awesomest snowman ever!


Mystic said...

Those are some really good pics Miss Liz!!!!! Glad you got to enjoy the sneaux! Misty and Oscar feel just like Oreo does about the cold and snow. PfffT! LOL

cookie dough said...

What is going on? "Spring" here and snow in the south?? Wild!! Fun pics Liz!

Frieda said...

Great photos Liz! Love the hat! We are condemned to about 9 inches of the stuff tonight...on top of the ice of course. Yuna, unlike Oreo, seems to thrive on the stuff! Love the Shenanigans!

Elizabeth Douglas said...

It was soooo much fun y'all! I'll have to add my pic of the world's saddest/greatest snowman. LOL! It's all already gone, but I loved it! It is strange to hear of warm days in AK and snowy ones in AL!

Frieda, that hat was a gift from my sis for Christmas, I love it. I feel just like cousin Eddie in it! LOL!

carrie. said...

Cute pics! I'm so glad you got your snow! I wish I could've sent you all of mine as well since you surely would've enjoyed it more than I did! Can't wait to see your sad little snowman. hehe :)

Alaska Steve said...

I love the top photo and the one of the single paw print. My family in Maine got slammed too but out here in Unalaska it has been balmy - wierd, huh?

Elizabeth Douglas said...

Thanks Steve! It's so weird. Snow on Sunday and by this Saturday, it's supposed to be 80! I heard the east coast got slammed by this one, I'm sure your family in Maine knows all about it!

Mystic said...

UmmmmmIt looks like homeboy Pookie is thowing gang signs! Yo Frosty...Sup?

Elizabeth Douglas said...

Yeah, when Frosty melted, Pookie was never the same. Poured out a fourty for homeboy but just got so deep in the West Side...I mean, just look at that hat! LOL!