Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tennessee Bound!

I'm heading out for Tennessee tomorrow afternoon! I'm so ready for a couple of days of...something that doesn't involve the office! Although, tomorrow will be pretty nice. It'll only be a half day there and it's time for the monthly 5% lunch club! Now what is 5% club? Well, given the current economy, our company decided to cut salaries 5% across the board. That's not so bad if you're exec-u-man making a couple hundred K, or a salesman who can make that up with one good order, but if you're just the average worker (like the 6 of us in the club) it hurts! So in an effort to raise moral and have some fun, we instituted the club. Once a month, we bring a dish and make a salesman provide the meat! Tomorrow, will be ribs, corn, potato salad, bread, and fresh fruit for dessert! After that I'm off to Chattanooga for some hanging out with good friends and hiking on Saturday. Everyone have a great weekend!


Sally Ann said...

Can I just say that I am jealous! I haven't been to TN in a while, and when I did go last, it was a day trip to Memphis from Oxford University. I haven't been to Chatanooga in a while! Go see Rock City for me! LOL :D

Alaska Steve said...

5% Club, what an original and fun idea - have a fun weekend and keep be sure to engage in a few shenanigans while you're there! Cheers

cookie dough said...

Have a great time! I'm jealous too. Sick of winter...need to see green.

Elizabeth Douglas said...

Thanks guys! 5% was great today! Scott's (salesman) wife brought in the ribs along with a couple dozen fried peach and apple pies and even a checkered table cloth and flowers! It was a great lunch and lots of fun!

Just a few more minutes till I get to head out of here too! Woo!

Mel, hopefully winter ends soon!
Sally, I've never seen rock city!
Steve, there are always shenanigans when I'm involved. ;)