Thursday, May 21, 2009

Seattle, CatchCon, and All Kinds of Shenanigans..How Appropriate! Part 4

Michelle, Sally, Me, Carrie, Lynn, Mystic, Lenny, and Rebecca on deck.

Saturday was CatchCon. I didn't really know what to expect...but I didn't really care, all I was looking for was good times with friends. Anything else was just a bonus.

The Northwestern and Wizard stayed where we left them.

Me and Mike Fourtner...who, hilariously, was like "Oh, I know your group! I keep up with things!"

Bettina sporting her "Dutch Harbor Gear" hat that she won in a verizon texting contest. She had the fastest thumbs in the west that day. (I too scored a hat, though my means were more like "can I have a hat?")

(Sorry for the craptastic quality of this picture.) Velvet brought her own hat. Thanks to it, she ended up on a lot of Discovery videos. lol!

Apparently, at some point, I was on the Northwestern...also apparently, at some point, I became a giant. The guys were nice...Matt shot me with a marshmallow gun that Anne had given him...little did he know, there was more than one gun. hehehe.

Becks, Carrie, Sally, Myself, and Michelle showing the NW our best sides.
I've always liked that painting in the galley...and you can see on the table, there, the marshmallow gun in question (which I shall refer to as 'the revenge-er' lol!). The bag? Well, that's full of ammo...delicious, delicious ammo.

Mystic and Lynn showing off in red...Wizard red!

Travis...he likes to talk...a lot. LOL! Good thing he's fun to listen to. Seriously, he was great at working the deck, telling all about various Bering Sea shenanigans, and what have you.

*Translation*: "Hey you hillbillies, be careful on the boats, OK? If you catch your toe and break your fool neck, don't come to sue us!"Carrie, Russ, and myself. It was nice to finally meet him.

There were various games going on...this one was obviously, "crab sort." Had I known the winner received and XBox, I would have tried a little harder!

Jeff Conroy about to introduce the Captains for the synposium .

Andy, John , and Phil listening to Jeff.

Phil and Sig during the question and answer portion.

Keith and Andy chattin' it up .At some point, Lynn, saw either my or Bettina's hat. With childlike wonder he exclaimed "I...I want a hat!" Mystic, having adopted him (see earlier post) took the boy to the texting table where he was given his coveted hat! In Mystic's words "You're on the show baby, I think we can get you a hat." -best.

Next post, there were some survival suit drills and an awesome coast guard demo that I can't wait to share!


Mommy Cracked said...

I just stumbled into your blog and I am a huge DC fan. These pictures are awesome!

Elizabeth Douglas said...

Thanks! There will be some new ones in a few days! :)