Monday, May 4, 2009

Seattle, CatchCon, and All Kinds of Shenanigans...How Appropriate! Part 2

We tied up in Seattle at the Convention center (by we tied up, I mean the guys did work while Mystic, Carrie, and I goofed around taking pictures and leaving notes for the guys all over the place.)
Lenny and Monte on deck in between working on something or other.
and right beside us is the ol' Northwestern.

It turned out to be an absolutely beautiful day with clear skies and blue waters.
The police were out patrolling...and I just thought this was a cool picture.

There were disco people on the boat as soon as we got there. The started filming the boats, the guys and turned out to be really cool people. This is Jeff and he's awesome!
At this point, Mystic and Carrie had eaten very little so we grabbed some nosh for them and headed to Pike Place. I love Pike Place. It's always full of action, people, and unusual sites.
One of thes unusual sites greeted us the second we walked in the place. This guy is a Monk Fish...and he is ugly. Very, very, very ugly.
These are Salmon and they are delicious, very, very delicious. Not only that, but they're TROLL caught!
Here are some crab, what kind? I have no idea. They too, are very, very delicious.
The flowers are stunningly beautiful. There are just rows and rows of them. Glorious...but not very, very delicious.
I can't get over the prices of them though. $5...$5! This would cost at least $15-20 at home. Easy.

...As I review my life, and think back on the things I should have done, the things I should have been, the things I wish I'd known. I will carry this regret with me always...I should have bought those long johns. Seriously, those things are wicked hilarious. Next time I'm up that way, I'm snagging a pair of those.

I am fascinated by glass. These were beautiful. A whole tables worth.
The Troll Street Troll! you suppose he Salmon fishes? ;)

Bats in the cave? Bullets in the gun? Gold in the Mine?

I managed to escape the grasp of the Troll St. Troll and the tales of interest will be told again soon. Next time, Wizard Mixer and more!


cookie dough said...

I think those are dungeness crab. I eat it when in Wrangell YUM!! As long as someone else is shucking it! I have a hoodie with a dungie on it from Petersburg, not a king crab like the ones they sell here.

Love the flowers and the glass and I am going to look for those long johns in a few weeks when I'm down there...I'm a dork for tye-die!

Elizabeth Douglas said...

Ah, dungie crab is actually my favorite! It's so good. I haven't had any since the last time I was in Oregon, but YUM!

Mel, if you get those, you'll be my hero! Maybe they have an all green version!

*sidenote* Does your hubby have a relative named Dave that longlines? Saw a NatGeo special last night and there was a familiar name...

cookie dough said...

Nope, I can't even think of any relatives that STILL work in the industry...they all found land jobs, except my guy!

I am scheming to be in downtown SEA :). We haven't been there in a couple years!

Elizabeth Douglas said...

Ah, oh well!

Oh, you will have the best time! I hope the weather is as great for you as it was for us! It was sunny and beautiful, low-mid 70s every day.

SINDEE said...

Loved your post. I will be in Seattle on June 6th and 7th before sailing the inside passage on the Pearl. Loved the glimpse of what I will see.

Elizabeth Douglas said...

Oooo! Have a fantastic time! The pearl is a lovely ship. My best friend sailed on it not too long ago. Glad you enjoyed the post! :)

Alaska Steve said...

Great post, loved the pictures. I'll be passing through Seattle next month, I'll keep my eyes peeled for the long johns. Actually, you should just throw a tie dye party and do up a pair, it's great fun!

Elizabeth Douglas said...

Steve, have a great time in Seattle! You're right, I should! I haven't done tye-dye since...well, actually I did a little in AK last year! That sounds like it might be a fun idea!!!