Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Seattle, CatchCon, and All Kinds of Shenanigans...How Appropriate! Part 3

Thanks to Mystic for this pic since I didn't get one with my cam. (Official pic of the Wizard Mixer)

I've gotten slightly behind in my posting. Surgery (my dad's), going out of town again (me), more work than I can shake a stick at, and a busted knee (sadly, me again) have slowed me down a little...but more on all that later!

We now return to your regularly scheduled shenanigans already in progress.

Capt. Keith and his lovely wife Florence were heading up the shindig.

Monte was in a great mood and ready to party!

Trav was also there in typical fashion. (Every once in a while you can actually catch him not being goofy in a picture...this was not one of those whiles.)

Lynn, bless your heart, you're probably tired of us calling you adorable, but you are. So there.

Lenny was having a great time and it was a pleasure to get to know him.

Moi was there too, hanging out and having a great time! Here he is with Carrie.

What do you do at a Wizard mixer? You mix with the Wizard crew of course! Lynn, the lovely Mystic, and Trav are hanging out and having a good time. They all called each other before hand to make sure they wore matching attire. ;)

Lenny's having a great time chatting with Rebecca.

Trav and Monte get goofy with the always effervescent Lucy!

Keith making some announcements and introductions, everyone was absolutely cracking up. It was quite a nite of stories, laughter, and future events.

Me with Florence. She's just an incredible person and so sweet!
Trav gets down to the business of giving the people what they want. haha! All of the boys signed autographs and posters for all who wanted them.
Becky, Helen, and Storm chatting it up.
Mystic decided that she was going to claim Lynn and adopt him. lol!
Carrie, Trav, and Sally explain the night through interpretive dance!
Velvet, Lenny, Karen, and Monte enjoying a chat and a drink.

And thus, the Wizard Mixer ended. It was a great time. Everyone really appreciated all the trouble and expense that went into it to pull it off. The Hyatt was lovely and everyone was spectacular. Later that night, several of us took out to the town to see what late night Seattle had to offer. The answer is lots. haah! OK, next time, Catchcon!


carrie. said...

hahaha. the "interpretive dance" picture is hilarious, and how have I not seen that one already?!

Sally Ann said...

is it bad that I don't remember this pictured "interpretive dance"? LOL