Sunday, May 3, 2009

Seattle, CatchCon, and All Kinds of Shenanigans...How Appropriate! Part 1

Well, it was another successful trip out west. I suppose I could say it was fairly epic but that'd be a lie...because it was, totally epic! Now, I love Seattle, the city has a lot to offer and Washington state in general is just a gorgeous place. I could say a lot about why this particular trip was so much fun, so memorable, so very tremendous but I'm still tired, so I'll let the pictures speak for me.

It was a beautiful day down at the waterfront. Blue skies, big clouds, what more do you need?
How about fun times with friends? That always works!
Carrie, Mystic, and myself on the way to the Wiz through the dry-dock area of the Pacific Fisherman Shipyard.
Carrie and Keith in front of the Early Dawn.
Sig Hansen and his crew were also moving the NW that morning.
Keith in the plush new captain's chair and Monte beside.
The elusive Norman Hansen working on the deck.
Lynn and Lenny working the lines at the Locks.
The NW as it goes through the Locks.

Hanging out in the Captain's chair.
As did Mystic...

and Carrie...though she's just speaking with Keith here...

I got a shot with Keith and my painting...which is in the office. Thanks! :)
Now, you can't leave a bunch of Wizettes on the boat without expecting a little mischief. So we left a few messages on bunks and walls...

played around in bathrooms and galleys...

...and just generally acted a fool. :)

Finally, we made our way into the city...

...and more on that later!

(In the meantime, there are maybe a few billion more pics on my myspace from the whole shebang, feel free to have a looksie. Seattle CatchCon 09)


purrduedvm said...

Nice pics thus far..looking forward to more!

cookie dough said...

Great pics Liz! Looks like you're all having a blast. Keep 'em coming!

carrie. said...

more! I still want to relive every minute of it!