Monday, January 26, 2009

At the Canvas once again...

The original sketch for the last painting I did...

This past weekend was a good one. I went out with a friend, walked around, talked, and ate some killer Indian food. How do you not love curry? Seriously? I spent some time with some good girl friends and watched the Miss America pageant...where any group of girls worth their salt...ridiculed the answers, dresses, and general demeanor of the contestants. We also watched Sweeney Todd and I have subsequently had "The Worst Pies in London" in my head ever since. Johnny Depp, can you be in every movie? *girlish sigh!* Ok, ok, now onto the issue at hand.

A Duality of night and day, hot and would be nothing without the other, distinct, and yet irrevocably linked.

Also, this weekend, I got inspired. I have am currently part of a "mission" that remains at the moment, somewhat secretive, but it has given me reason to pull out the paintbrushes again. It's all too infrequent a hobby really. I'm working on a deadline and was really starting to sweat the fact that I hadn't even come up with a simple sketch yet! However, last Friday, I found the image of a sculpture...and one line in the form set off a firestorm in my mind. All weekend I simmered thinking about it and today, I put it down on paper. Tomorrow, I'll buy the canvas and over the weekend, work as I always do when I paint, for hours upon endless hours, not even realizing or minding the passage of the day. It's transportation in a sense, a complete collapse of structured time, a step outside of the self while at the same time the full internalization of self, a duality of the body and soul. (My gosh, I sound like some high minded artsy fartsy professor that deserves a good roll of the eyes from her students. LOL!)

Anyway, it'll be something I'll update when I'm done with it and the "mission" has been completed. It's no high art that I'm creating, but something deeply felt none the less...I honestly, just hope my skills are up to the task I've put before them...I suppose I'll find out soon enough!

...and the finished product of that sketch.

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