Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pajama Satuday

These are the softest pants in the history of mankind.

Today was one of those days when it's cold outside and the clouds are hanging heavily and full of the empty promises of snow. My plan for this Saturday was to spend the day wrapped in fleece pajamas, watching old movies, reading books, and doing generally, nothing of great importance. I'm glad to say I pulled it off without a hitch. I'm almost done with Wicked and it's been a great read. I don't think I'll ever watch the Wizard of OZ with the same eye again.

I watched Seven Brides For Seven Brothers today too. Oh, all those red haired boys! I also got a good chuckle thinking of how absurdly unlikely it would have been to see a group of strapping, young, pioneers break out into song and dance at every...and I do mean EVERY opportunity. Still, I laugh everytime I think of "those sobbin' Sabine women!"

Other than that, I did a little cooking...

For lunch, some orange ginger chicken with carrots and broccoli. I've become a bit more bold with spices and least for my minor cooking skills. It's the first time I've used ginger in something that didn't need a coating of frosting! I was actually really happy with the results. I hardly ever use a recipe and cook like my Nana did by the "add it till it's right"method. Fresh oranges and zest really make a difference.

Supper was chili...which i love to make. It's easy and you can have done quickly or let it simmer for hours. It's also one of those "whachyagot?" kind of meals when it comes to ingredients and spices...and it turns out, a little grape jelly mixed in the pot adds a touch of sweetness and helps set the heat. Who'da thunk?

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