Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

This is not my living room. This is some girl named Karen's living room, but it's doing an amazing impression of mine... or really, of any room in my house. But, that's OK because all of those boxes like these that I own, are at my house... MY house! I've been living there since Friday, and I love it. Finally, finally, after all the crap - waiting so long for it to hit the market after the bank took it over, dealing with the UNRIVALED MORONS nice people at the bank while buying it, the six months of clean up it took, the endless time, money blood, sweat, tears I shed, I'm there!

Thank. You. God.  -and I mean that!

Give me a little time to finish unpacking all those boxes (or at least hide them in the attic) and I'll post some pics of what the place really looks like. It's all going to be a bit mismatched, not like a magazine perfect home, unless it's Eclectic Hand-Me-Downs Monthly. But, I love all my rooms, love having my stuff there, having it feel like home, and also the little extras it has. It's a nice place...

It comes with its own fruit, like these ^

A basketball court set up, almost exactly like this ^

I'm really excited that I have a cast iron fireplace like this one! ^

I know my posts this year haven't exactly been jam packed with awesome, but it's only February, and moving will keep a gal busy... and broke, ($30 for a shower curtain?! Oh, Target, you gots to be kidding!) but it's exciting to me at least! (However, I will say April's going to be an AMAZING month, having nothing to do with moving or houses, and I can't wait to blog about it!)

Well, I guess that about does it for now. :)

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