Monday, February 14, 2011

3 Blogs of Note!

At last blogging, I was excited about my move. Saturday, it finally happened! When I get the place set up a bit, I'll do a nice big post on that. Today however, on this Valentine's Day, this Single Awareness Day, as it's known to those of us flying solo, I'm going to deviate from the standard posting of hearts, flowers, and dangerously armed flying babies and tell you about something else.

There are a few blogs I'd like to post links to, because I think people should read them. I believe this, firstly, because I write two of them, secondly, because my best friend writes the other. Yes, shameless self promotion brought to you by The Shenanigan Files. 

I've recently started writing on a site called Bukisa. The things I put there really don't fit how I write on Blogger, but they are things that I want to say. It's a write for profit site, and assume I'll at least make enough to order something off the dollar menu once a year. I'd appreciate if you'd at least swing by and give it a look.

 I write other things here!

L.A. Douglas on Bukisa (Notice how I went with initials? That's professionalism! I write about different issues I run across, advice, "how to" articles, and various other musings. I've only published two articles at the moment so it really won't take much time to drop by and have a read.)

The second blog I'm going to recommend is anything but professional, and I have to think if you've read this blog, you're aware of my other one.

 I made it myself!

The Ugly Sweater  (It's about... well, exactly what you'd think it'd be about- ugly/tacky sweaters. However that is simplifying it. It's about all kinds of knitwear, some Christmas disasters, some intriguing art projects, and of course, animals in clothes. It's a good read if you don't like to take life too seriously.)

The third blog, is one that I really think you should visit! It'll improve your life through deliciousness!

You know you want them.

Real Kitchen. Real Life (Finally, I'd like to introduce you my best friend, Chef Jenny-Lyn. She's a Pampered Chef consultant, but her blog is so much more than that! Sure, she tells you the value of the products, how to use them, but she also posts wonderful recipes- like Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits! Plus, she's got a terrific sense of humor so you're not stuck reading a boring blog about kitchen products and bland food. You're reading a blog about great kitchen products and amazing food, and amazing food is my favorite kind of food!))

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