Thursday, February 10, 2011

Finally Moving!

Well, here it is February of two-thousand lebben, and I'm still not living in that house I bought back in... September? Granted, the place was unlivable for a few months, and at first, downright deadly, but it's good to go now. Then, December happened and I got sidetracked by sickness and surgery, and January seemed to be the month of perpetual weather insanity. Thus, ensuring that every single time I tried to do any moving, a great and terrible snowpocalypse would rear its frozen head and shut me down...

...which of course meant it was time to play in the snow like a kid with a get out of school free card. Be sure to enjoy my cousin eddy style headgear, lack of make-up, and nerd glasses.

And, as I sit here today, and look outside the window I'm pretending I have beside me, I can see that the whole of the landscape is again, covered in a nice layer of "winter precipitation" as the cautious weathermen here usually refer to any sort of snow or ice. However, this weekend, they, the television prophets of doom, the conjurers of meteorological fortune have promised me fair winds and a balmy 65 degrees. That being said, I have a u-haul with my name on it waiting for me Saturday morning at 9 AM, and some friends who I've tricked into, er... who love me enough to help.

Here's what I woke up to this morning. The roads however were clear and dry, so work went on as usual.

Anyway, back to the house (of which I have no new pictures yet.) The place actually looks pretty good, and despite the albatross hanging from my moving van's rear-view mirror, I've even managed to get a few things in the place. It's a far cry from the mold infested, grease covered, cat pee saturated monstrosity I originally purchased. Still, like any older house... and it's hard for me to believe a house built in 1970 is over 40 years old, it has its little quirks. The other night, I was repairing a tile on the counter in the kitchen, just a quick fix until I can find an actual match, but as soon as I'd finished and stepped back to admire my handiwork, three tiles fell off the side. House, your sense of humor is a jerkface.

Well, for now, that's all I've got. Anyone reading this, enjoy your weekend, and if you're one of my friends, come help me move! I'll pay you back with baked spaghetti, chocolate cake, and the begrudged obligation to help you move when you need me.

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