Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sarasota! Uno I miss you.
This was the view from our hotel room at the Hyatt...good ol 502. Sarasota is a gorgeous city with great people. The suncoast of Florida is always good to me.

Most everyday was spent lounging by the pool. The pool at the Hyatt is an amazing place. It's got a splendid little waterfall, lined with palms, and right by the's a nice place to let the day slip away.
Carrie and I both loved the pool, but you can tell by our skin tone that we aren't exactly sun worshipers...we went through a lot of sunblock last weekend. By sunblock, I don't mean that wimpy spf 15. I'm talking 100...+ Yes. They actually make that and people actually use it. Count yourself lucky if you're one of those people with melanin!
The marina by the pool. It's a cool view and you get to see some wicked boats...

like the Mystic from Geico! (Funny story, the Mystic is pulled by a truck named the you have the Mystic and the Liz...Mystic and I got pics in front of them last year. We took it as a good omen. lol!)
There were some sick bikes out and about too. I loved the chrome work rims, the green paint job, it was just a great looking ride.

Trav showed up for the fun, as he always does. Of course, it's hard to find Trav without a goofy look on his face...

photo courtesy of Cheryl Smith
but being surrounded by a bunch of ladies seems to have put a smile on his face. lol!

Again, see! This was the little shindig put together for the "Wizettes" with Keith and Trav. It was basically just us all hanging out and having a good time. So many of us have met before or talked online for years, made real friendships, and just enjoy each other outside of the DC aspects, so it was like a great big reunion/meet and greet.

Photo courtesy of Sheila Stowers
Mystic and I with the boss. lol!

Heather, Velvet, and Debs were representing the rockstar group.
Pate, my awesome fire fighting friend gets a good hug from Keith...
...and Carrie gets a lift!

Photo courtesy of Dawn Carter

Keith and Trav made the kid's day!
Photo courtesy of Sheila Stowers
Cheryl shows off the book she put together from several cool poems and writings on the Crabwizard forum.
Photo courtesy of Sheila Stowers
Sheila and I have been friends online for years now and it was great to actually be able to give her a hug in person. She and Karen have gotten to be good buds too!
Photo courtesy of Mystic
We took a lot of pics (obviously) and just generally had a great time.

Photo courtesy of Capt. Keith Colburn

Keith and Trav both participated in the "Friendliest Catch" fishing tournament with a great group of kids and adults and raised a lot of money for the Florida Center. I was unfortunately still at home at this point and didn't get to attend, but I hear it was fabulous and a lot of the girls helped out a lot on the boats.

There goes one of the race boats on a test run out in the bay. Those suckers can fly. We went out on Geico's Caveman last year, hit about 100mph, good times and fast rides!
Speaking of Geico, this is Scottie. He drives for Geico and he's awesome...AWESOME. He's the guy that took us out on the Caveman last year and hung out with us Sunday night. He's first class.
Dawn, Amber, and Carrie are discussing an unfortunate wardrobe choice we all just witnessed.
Pate, Dawn, myself, and Amber hanging out in the VIP beer tent...they had free salmon! :D It was hotter than hades that day and the tent and free bottles of water were greatly appreciated!
The parties and various tents that were set up were great and it's wonderful to see so many friends again...and to meet new ones. More later!

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