Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I've realized...I'm a horrible blogger...also, vacation time! :D

See you tomorrow amazing pool! (Thanks for the pic Mystic!)

Yeah, so I realized I'm pretty awful at blogging consistently. Granted, work blocking blogger (curse you firewalls!) has really put a damper on my posting. Still, I'm amazed at those of you I follow who post one, two, three blogs a day! You are my blogging inspiration. I'm good to get one up every few weeks it seems. Oh well, eh, whatever.

Aaaaaanyway, just the rundown on the recent hap-hap-happenings around the home-front. My father had a pacemaker/defibrillator put in...and because his heart is enlarged, twisted to the side, and has shepard's crook veins, it was a wee bit more difficult than it should have been. In the doctor's words (on the second, yes, second, attempt at the operation) "you're the most difficult case I've ever faced!" Sadly, we're pretty used to that phrase in my fam. However, Dad is now doing very well and itching to get back to the golf course. He's also lost over 100lbs so far this year! WOW! Dad, you're awesome and I love you.

My grandmother and brother-in-law were also in the hospital. Nana's good. Bro nearly died thanks to some crazy horrible shenanigans with the anesthesia, but he's fine now too...also, a "difficult case." We really make the docs earn their money!
Getting ready to go out for Jen's bachelorette party. (Yes, I am a giant.) The knee offending cousin is the one in the middle!

Me, I tore my knee up dancing...wait, cousin tore my knee up while we were dancing. She fell on me. Nice huh? It was a crazy night, dancing, libations, and Snoop Dogg were all involved. It was a bachelorette party to remember for sure. For a month I limped around with a big brace me, it was as sexy as sexy gets. I'm pretty much healed up now, but I think I might have one of those old people knees that can predict the weather now...which would be cool if it didn't involve you know...pain. Who cares though, because her wedding was amazing and so much fun! We even danced the Thriller at the reception...which now seems like portentous event!

The beginning of Meg's bachelorette scavenger hunt. The bride (notice the sash) was on the other team and let it be known she didn't intend to lose! (Thanks for the pic Roxy!)

PCB bachelorette party after the scavenger hunt chillin' out at Dippin' Dots. (s'mores flavor is awesomesauce!)(Thanks for the pic Roxy!)

Wow, it sounds like my family is single handedly keeping Blue Cross and Blue Shield in business. So, enough of that nonsense! On other fronts, I just got back from my second trip to Panama City. (The first involved the knee.) The latter one, another bachelorette party was injury free and a lot of fun. (The first one was fun too, really!) I was involved in a bachelorette scavenger hunt...I found plenty of bachelors, but none I really wanted to keep.

On the Miss Geico boat last year doing about 100mph.

A whole lot of us from last year. (Thanks for the pic Cheryl!)

Well, tomorrow, I head down to Sarasota FL for the Suncoast Superboat Grand Prix! I'm pretty excited. Sun, sand, and speed! In addition, I've got a lot of friends that will be in town for the event...which just makes it even better. Keith and Trav will be representing the Wizard down there and fishing in the tournament that benefits the handicapped via the suncoast foundation. It's really an awesome cause and totally worth a look. I plan to spend a great deal of time on the beach and at the pool...I just have to remember to pack the SPF 100+...yeah, I wish I was kidding too. (All of you peeps with melanin, enjoy it!)
...And that is the ultra condensed reader's digest version of the last few months. Maybe I'll get to expound a bit later! For now, it's off to bed and off to one sweet vacation! Deuces y'all!

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purrduedvm said...

Haha..that is why I haven't started a blog myself. I've toyed with it from time to time but I know how infrequent I'd be..but I guess it doesn't really matter how often one blogs.

I hope you are having fun in Florida. Well, I know you are..b/c I just can't see you NOT having fun whereever you go Liz. Stay cool and pale :) (hey, they'll all be jealous of ya when you have gorgeous skin at 70)...speaking as a ghost myself :)