Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Denali, The High One

And so we get to the mountain...

As I said in the previous post, getting a good look wasn't looking...good. The entire park was shrouded in a thick grey miasma from the fires and you could barely make out anything in the distance, let alone Denali, still, I had that unyielding hope that I'd see it. I just felt it in my bones.

Score one for the bones.

When we arrived at Eielson, it was as if a great hand had pushed away the veil of cover that was obscuring the mountain. It was breathtaking to watch it be revealed. I was literally speechless. It was honestly, quite overpowering to be standing in front of such a creation, feeling the wind as it howled around us, and seeing that great cloud sweep across the sky.

I might have cried a little.

Shut up.

It was amazingly beautiful.

It even had this jazzy little lenticular cloud cap.

Thanks to my friend Dawn for lending me her DSLR!

This cloud, (I see a cheetah!) was stretched across the expanse of the horizon. It was really something in its own right. That entire morning was an incredible display of God's handiwork.

I was pretty excited. (Even if my eyes and makeup-free face pretty much scream, 'insanely tired!')

I was also pretty excited to see the Caribou, a lot of them. Here are two for your viewing pleasure.

I was going to post a few more pics of the various animals we saw, which is what has delayed this...uh... already delayed post, but all of those shots and subsequent pics from the Ice Hotel are on the cd that Dawn gave me.

The missing cd.


I will be tearing apart my house tonight in an effort to find it...because apparently I never backed it up on my hard drive. D'oh!

*Sigh...well, until then, I leave you with this...

For behold, He who forms mountains, and creates the wind, who declares to man what his thought is, and makes the morning darkness, who treads the high places of the earth—The LORD God of hosts is His name. Amos 4:13

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