Friday, August 7, 2009

Sarasota Dos!

The fourth of July was great. We'd been out that day, hung around for a party and watched the fireworks from the pool deck at the Hyatt. We also almost witnessed a brawl between two drunk guys. I never really heard what the issue was, but it was taking place roughly 5 feet in front of Carrie, Mystic, and I so we backed up and watched out...thankfully some guy diffused the situation and the belligerent drunk guys went their separate ways. Ah America...where it's not a celebration unless someone's punched in the face!

Sunday, beach day! Wooohooo! Siesta Key was lovely and not as crowded as Lido last year. We lounged, some read, some played in the water. Colleen and I caught school after school of tiny fish. It was roughly 700 degrees that day though, so it was tough on those of us who party at the pale club.
Carrie wore her "burkasuit" since the sun was unforgiving. I myself, also being of the vampire nature, covered myself in plenty of sunblock so I could stay outside amongst the daywalkers.
Carrie, Karen, Sheila, and Chip hanging out and having fun. It really was a great day to just sit on the sand and play in the water.

It was Kim's first time to see the ocean and she loved it! We only stayed out a couple of hours due to the sun and the heat...even the folks that tan were getting a bit red.

The races were also Sunday and after they were over, the awards were handed out by Capt. Keith. Trav also got up and spoke for a moment. Geico took home the big prize again! Scottie from Geico is up there accepting the trophey from Keith. Scottie will always be awesome.
This was when my camera battery died and so I don't have any pics of all the shenanigans that took place that night, but trust me, they were many. Everyone gathered at the Hyatt for a big boisterous after party, Wizard, Wizette, Hillstrands, and Raceteams. It was a big celebration and crazy times. The Hyatt will never be the same...especially the 502...but if you don't know about that already, you don't need to! ;)
Sarasota is a great town filled with great people who put on a fantastic event every year for a worthy cause. I always enjoy the time I get to spend there.

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