Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Pampered Chef...Guess Who Signed Up!

(I'll give you a hint...it starts with a M and ends with a E...ME!) That's right, I'm now a consultant for The Pampered Chef. Am I excited? Yes! Am I terrified? Yes! Thankfully, my best friend is a seasoned consultant and is helping me muddle through the beginning of this whole endeavour. I guess we'll see how it goes. At the very least, I'll find out it's not for me. At the very most, I'll build an empire from which I'll rule the kitchens of the world with an iron whisk! Er...I mean, I might make some money and have some fun. Anyway, PC really does have some wonderful products and if you're unaware of that; well, I'd love to be your consultant and show you just why they're awesome. I'm looking to book home and catalog shows, or if you just want to order some products, I can handle that for you too!

In other news...I promise did actually go to Alaska and I will start getting those posts up soon! ;)


purrduedvm said...

I love PC stuff. I have some smaller items in my kitchen. I wish you well in this venture!

Elizabeth Douglas said...

Thanks! :) I really do love their stuff. The stonewear is awesome, but I think my favorite thing is the little spreader...good for icing cakes! lol!