Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Have you been to The Deadliest Forum?

If not, tonight's the night to join! Just in time for the new season, a new place to get all the info on your favorite show, Captains and crews! After the premiere of Season Five, come chat with Deckhands Lynn Guitard from the F/V Wizard and Travis Arket from the F/V North American! Also, come and post about tonight's episode and see if you're the lucky winner of a Wizard Hoodie and North American T-Shirt signed by their respective crews. Hope to see you there!



cookie dough said...

Is this one like the other with a similar name that closed?

Elizabeth Douglas said...

The other one actually reopened! :P Which was totally unexpected! Drop back in, but yeah, it's similar. You should pop in there too. Trav A is the lead Admin at this one and you'll see a few familiar faces. We're going to have some live chats and podcasts and cool stuff. :)