Friday, December 12, 2008

Sweaters and Santas and freshly cut trees...

...these are a few of my favorite things! I love Christmas. I love all things associated with Christmas. I'm a sucker for anything to do with the holiday! Come December, my world turns red and green. (Of course I'm always hoping for a little white to be thrown in there; but well, when you live in the Deep South, white Christmases are far and few between.) Still, regardless of the weatherman's predictions, I say throw on that overly decorated Christmas Sweater, grab that mug of hot cider, and get in the spirit.

Now, if there's one thing I love, it's a Christmas party, especially when it has a theme. I say all parties should have themes...actually, I think most regular days should have themes. Sadly, the theme for most days is "disgruntled office employee" but not Dec 6th. You see, every year my best friend Jenny-Lyn throws a party known as "The Ornament Exchange" where a bunch of us girls get together, eat an obscene amount of sweets, hang out and talk, and exchange ornaments a la Dirty Santa. This year however, I suggested we mix it up just a little and throw in the theme of "Christmas Sweaters." Now, this idea isn't exactly new, but it's guaranteed to be hilarious...and really, that's my only requirement. I wondered if the others would be as enthusiastic as I...let me just say, the girls didn't disappoint.

The food! (This table basically = the immediate onset of "the diabeetus.")

The fashion! (Now, a few of the girls didn't participate in Sweaterpalooza, but here are those of us who did. Notice if you will, the variety of styles...we've got the classic, the 80's, the Modern and even the Mom vest!)

After the festivus of eating and sweater admiration, we decided it was time for the ornament swap. It's always an eclectic assortment of items. You never know what you're going to get. It could be a tap dancing snowman, could be some delicate bejeweled treasure, could be a pig in a matter what it's always fun!

That's some pig! (I'm rather proud of bringing him..Jenny was happy to have him. Also, yes, that is a huge Bozo the clown doll hanging from Jenny's tree and trust me, TRUST ME, you do not want to question her choice to include it on there!)

Everyone had a great time and there were no dud ornaments! After the extravaganza, it was off to the tree farm! The tree farm's a pretty good time. Free cider and hot chocolate, acres of trees, reindeer, and wagon rides! We pretty much conquered all of it. We even entertained the crowds of people when we decided to offer them the luxury of our beautiful voices* through Christmas carols. Surprisingly one man even asked if he owed us any money for the songs. I took it as a complement, but I'm sure he meant it more as "there's no way I'm supposed to tip these people for 'singing,' right?"

It's a whole little section of trees just for me!

This guy here is "Gimpsy" the reindeer, he didn't quite make Santa's requirements, so he hangs out at the farm.

*sigh* I guess what happens on the farm doesn't always stay on the farm. (Now relax, she's got a shirt on under that sweater! However, don't you love the absolute indignation and horror on Jenny's face? She really sells it and Jen's devil may care posture really makes it look does Tammy's distant confusion and Beck's complete avoidance of the situation.) Nice one ladies.

Where's Gimpsy when you need him? (Would you look at that sky!!!)

...And thus ended The ornament exchange 2008. It was a good time had by all. Next year, we've decided to turn the sweater theme into a competition. "Build your own Christmas Sweater" I've already started on mine!

Now, I know that seems like a great stopping point, but who am I to tell the birds not to fly or the fish not to swim? You see, later that night, the fun continued! It was time for a good ol' fashioned family other people to whom we are not related. (say that with a Forrest Gump accent and it's kind of funny)

Here is "diabeetus table part deux" I don't know if the plates are half full or half empty at this point...all I know is that it was amazingly good.

Santa even showed up this year! I guess I got away with it I've been good after all!

Well, leave it to Jenny to discover the truth behind the beard!
Here's the fam getting ready to rip into that pile of gifts. Dirty Santa is the highlight of the party and you'd be amazed to see the elaborate schemes and games of "strategery" that go into making sure you get that Christmas pillow you've always so desperately wanted! (It's like watching the military plan a war!) Family Christmas is a great time and I'd have more pictures, but at this point, I was full of tiny pies of various sorts, wassail, and quite busy trying to figure out how to steal a "build-it-yourself" gingerbread house kit from my cousin. I've got a pretty great family and I love them all! Also, I can't wait to build that gingerbread house!

*The writer of this blog does not confirm, endorse, or jokingly even consider the validity of this statement.

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